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Glenknoll Youth Program

The Youth Garden Club allows the students at Glenknoll School to work together, grow their own food, exercise and eat healthy. With consideration for program sustainablity during  funding cuts, I facilitated online media and email routines for community support and coordinated recommended nutrition & youth garden activities. I deliberately developed student activities to document, survey & assess the garden programs for 65% more data records, improving evidence of community participation and 72% retention rate by year’s end, resulting in program continuance.

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Project 2
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Contract Services Group

Contract Services Group is a commercial facilities services company providing staffing solutions to a variety of industries in OC. As digital marketing manager, I was given nearly 300 ad hoc marketing projects and fragmented digital content that was delivering inconsistent brand messages. 

I initiated cross-team & long-term account interviews and monitored market segments & influencers to determine keywords, service promotion and customer satisfaction campaigns. Web analytics and email marketing could then support timely response to sales opportunities, with 30% boosted engagement clicks across all channels and web search visibility up 18% with unpaid, organic traffic.

I created technical documentation to demonstrate compliance protocols, earning CSG health & safety certifications required to maintain contracts with their top-tier clients. My press engagement strategy earned media with facilities services industry magazine while my formal marketing practices contributed to 22%
new business accounts.

Project 3 reaches 10 million readers every month to help business owners and decision-makers with business news and engaging resource content. As a writer, I conducted market research for products and services as “best pick” recommendations for businesses and wrote informative content optimized by format, brand keywords and targeted market topic per the publication style guidelines. My high-performing articles and guides for business owners earned bylines and 30% were retained during several web-enterprise upgrades since 2010.

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